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To produce the average desktop computer consumes ten times its weight in fossil fuels.
if you care at all buy local used computers 

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Most Cheap Laptop computers are found on auction sites such as ebay or amazon.
Many people search only for the "Cheapest Laptop" but that is the first mistake,If you make your computer purchase online
You will almost always get better prices than you can find at standard retail stores.
online computer sellers or factory direct links can sell cheaper laptops and most other products online because the selling process is mostly automated and the seller can cut costs and overheads by not having to employ extra staff. enabling the seller to offer products at lower prices , has listed just a few of the main cheap laptop sellers such as Lenovo,IBM.
HP & Sony are also listed here,the links I have provided are just some of the main tusted sites that are safe to deal with,Some of them are now accepting Paypal,This is a great way to shop online and makes the whole process very safe and easy.
To search simply for the"Cheapest laptop" can be a mistake.I have purchased quite a few cheap laptops
from ebay and was happy with my purchase,One ebay laptop purchase was really cheap but was not what most people would call a cheap laptop, it was a late model thinkpad in perfect order. I signed up for my ebay account and started placing low bids but resisted the urge to increase my bids or compete, after a while my methods paid of I won at a really low price and scored my first cheap laptop, most laptops on ebay have a very low starting price and you can get lucky.Ihave since purchased many items on ebay.They arrived by post on time and in good condition,just as described in the auction listing.I always check ebay first to find new or used laptops or computers and not all listings are auctions,Many have the buy it now option also.
the cheapest laptop I ever purchased was on ebay and believe me or not was purchased for one dollar,the postage was more expensive than the item .(funny but true) It was an older model ibm thinkpad with windows
needed some work to get it going again and was later sold for $50.00. If you simply want the cheapest laptop you can find then
ebay is the first place you should look,If you want the latest new laptops at great prices then ebay is also a great place to check current experience with ebay has been mostly positive and ebay sellers are very easy to deal with in general.Also ebay combined with paypal have the buyer protection program in place as protection from
being ripped off .if you need more info regarding buyer protection read my personal at top of page.
ebay has sellers with new or used computers so to find a cheap computer or just about anything you can think of check the prices on ebay first.signup for your free account now it really is very easy .
start your search -start the bidding-have fun with it-and  find your cheap laptops.